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Business laptop : Samsung Q30

October 2, 2005

Samsung Q30 laptop

The Online edition of The Independent talks about the Samsung Q30 laptop:

For someone who already owns a desktop computer and wants something for travelling, but whose demands are too great for a PDA (personal digital assistant), a lightweight laptop would seem to make sense.

Samsung’s Q30 is a good example of the type: it is very thin (under an inch thick) and very light, at 1.1kg. Carrying it around all day is not a burden, and it is not going to tip the check-in scales at the airport, either. On top of which, the computer feels well made, so it should be able to handle life on the road with few problems.

This laptop from Samsung gets 3 out of 5 points :

“The Samsung Q30 is a stylish and very portable computer, but it is hard to see exactly who it is targeted at.

Its light weight would make it ideal for frequent travellers with modest processing needs, but its communications limitations make it hard to recommend, unless you can manage with WiFi alone.”

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Office 12 – PDF exporting

October 2, 2005

PC World reports:

“Microsoft is releasing information on its upcoming Office 12 suite in drips and drabs, and here’s the latest: The product will support Adobe’s PDF format, apparently meaning that you’ll be able to create PDF files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the other apps. “

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One comment is interresting:

Basic exports to PDF from Word are already free, via some third party applications. For example, current versions of PDF Creator and Primo PDF already do an excellent job of printing a basic PDF file.